What's Included

What's Included

The programs I will provide you with will include all the training and nutrition structure you need to see amazing results.

Your meal plan is completely individualised and tailored around your goals. It fuels your body optimally, tastes delicious, and makes healthy eating enjoyable. At the start of each week, you can generate a shopping list from my app and then get ready to eat delicious meals.You have the option to hide Macros / Calories from your meal plan, if this is something you would like to do.

Your relationship with food, and nutrition experience’s will always be taken into account. The meal plan is completely optional & can just be used as recipe Inspo if you wish. We have many approaches we can take with your nutrition such as mindful eating.

You will get a fun and flexible training program, tailored to you. Structured specifically to smash your goals! After each session you can log the weights you have achieved, which I will then review. You will have the option to add some follow along yoga into your plan, or even set some skill based goals, such as handstands / running etc.

Tracking your progress is vital for achieving your goals. This is done weekly and can easily be filled out anywhere at any time. Each week, I will set lifestyle targets to help your physical condition and your mindset. So you can feel the best version of you!

You will have 24/7 support from me. Any questions or concerns you have – I will be there to help. I will also be your biggest cheerleader and motivator throughout, helping you achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

As I am now a Mental Health & Exercise Coach, it is important to me that I am able to give you the tools to help with stress management / emotional regulation etc. We will work through a range of self awareness / mindfulness exercises on your journey, if this is something you choose to do.

It is important to me that as well as seeing amazing results, you are understanding how. Building your knowledge around exercise,  nutrition and your health in general, can help you sustain your results, and continue to live a healthy lifestyle for longevity.