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"Prioritizing your mental well-being is the most valuable choice you can make"

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I am a big believer that changing your perspective and mindset can lead to amazing things.

I am passionate about creating a place where women can exercise because they love their bodies, not because they hate them.

A place where they can be the strongest version of themselves, not the smallest.


I will be there to support and motivate you throughout, giving you all the knowledge you need to be able to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The programs I will provide you with will include all the training and nutrition structure you need to see amazing results.

Your meal plan is completely individualised and tailored around your goals. It fuels your body optimally, tastes delicious, and makes healthy eating enjoyable.

You will get a fun and flexible training program. Structured specifically to smash your goals!

Tracking your progress is vital for achieving your goals. This is done weekly and can easily be filled out anywhere at any time. It gives me the tools I need to be able to adjust your program optimally and therefore help you accomplish amazing things.

You will have 24/7 support from me. Any questions or concerns you have – I will be there to help. I will also be your biggest cheerleader and motivator throughout, helping you achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

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Hi! My name is Georgia and I am G’s Health & Fitness.

I started G’s Health & Fitness because exercise and nutrition had a massive positive impact on my life. Growing up as a gymnast made me aware of body image pressures very early in my life. I’ve worked with, trained with and spoken with hundreds of women who have experienced the same: negative body images, speaking badly about their bodies and not feeling as confident as they could!


This gave me a huge passion for discovering the link between sport, exercise, nutrition and our body image. I was consequently motivated to achieve my BSc in Sport Science and become a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

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